About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

Branding everyone, everything with kreatif and innovative ideas.

We are a Brand Image Consultant that offers strategic brand communication solutions for brands to be unique and differentiated in the saturated market today.

Established in Penang since 2003, Karisma Kreatif has been growing steadily with a belief that kreatif ideas are borderless from simple to solitary ones to express our clients' niche markets.

At Karisma Kreatif, we provide excellent services and build long-term professional relationships to help our business owners and government organisations in shaping and communicating their brand, products or services in the competitive industry.

Be it branding, marketing campaigns to print or interactive media work, we are committed in executing each project with meticulously detailed planning and precise strategies for our clients' true success.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

We'd love to hear from you to create borderless creativity with your brand.

Brand Vision

Brand Vision

Envisioning strategic brand communication for the world.

We aspire to be the most prominent and preferred Brand Image Consultant in Malaysia and internationally for results-driven brand communication solutions for our clients.

Karisma Kreatif also strives to become reliable communications partner by continuously optimising our professional and kreatif services for our clients.

We also envision to build strong and powerful brands that are relevant to their targeted customers to ensure that our clients are superior in their respective fields.

Brand Mission

Brand Mission

Sheer dedication in achieving brand success.

In accomplishing our vision as the Karismatic leader in brand communications, we are dedicated to:

  • Reposition our client's brand image in the right approach and direction.
  • Build and maintain the brand identity, brand elements and brand personality of our client.
  • Sustain the positive growth of each brand concept that was developed kreatif-ly for our client.


Brand Services

what we do

Brand Repositioning

New Brand Development

Brand Management


Concept Development

Corporate Branding

creative process

Print/interactive Media Products

Set the PLATFORMs for your stage

Tell the world about you and everything you have to offer them. Communicate through sight, sound and touch with your audience through the use of print and interactive media.

Let Karisma Kreatif help you reach out to the world.


Positioning your USP to the world

Every business, product, service, commodity, person or everything can be a brand; therefore it is crucial that a brand is easily identified and recalled in the minds of the consumers. Your brand shows the world who you are and what you have to offer. With the right brand strategy, you can become a strong brand that is easily recognised by the mass.

Let Karisma Kreatif brand you strategically and effectively to get everyone's attention!

Concept Development

Only the DIFFERENTIATED stands out

Behind every good product is a great brand concept; a spark that turns something ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. A differentiated brand concept dares to stand out, ever ready to make its mark in reaching greater heights.

Let Karisma Kreatif show you that to generate greater ROI, you need to stand out in the market!

Visual Brand Identity

Revealing your personality and uniqueness. Your brand identity portrays the core essence of your company – who you are and what kind of product or service that you offer; it is a projection of your brand values and aspirations. A strong brand identity allows consumers to discover who you really are, which in turn inspires confidence and trust.

Let Karisma Kreatif assist in finding the RIGHT brand elements and brand characters for you!


the right people

Make A Great Team

Fancy working with us?
We would love to expand with you in our team! We are on the lookout for fresh,
passionate and talented people to share our dreams and visions with.

If you feel you have the cut for the spot, just apply for the positions available below by sending us your CV or work portfolio to fiona@karismakreatif.com, and do include a cover letter to your desired dream job. Kindly ensure that your files are less than 2MB.
Good luck!



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